For high-level security, online backups can be used to protect the data of a workstation or a server. The data are outsourced, secured and restorable at all times using a simple internet connection. Totally transparent and automated, the backup solutions provided by Connectis are easy to deploy and adapted to all sorts of company needs.

  • Backup of all types of critical files and databases
  • Backup of critical applications and heterogeneous environments
  • Backup of virtual environments
  • Disaster recovery
Synchronisation & Sharing

Companies are increasingly required to share heavy files and folders. It is only natural to be able to share simply, completely safely, without any concern about file size nowadays. Connectis analyses the needs of companies and proposes the most appropriate solutions for use.

  • File sharing solutions that include a messaging plugin (Outlook)
  • Platform used to facilitate exchanges internally and externally in secure manner
  • Platform used for interactive cooperation on files/ folders

Cloud infrastructures can be used to extend resources with guarantee of availability at the highest level. It is possible to add or remove resources easily according to needs as well as to enlarge the capacity of servers at all times. The users benefits from the same experience as if the applications were physically hosted at the customer. They are easily accessible from any peripheral via an internet connection.


Supervision solutions allow administrators to monitor all the elements of the IT infrastructure in real time and to act preventively and/or reactively on the machines at any time. This kind of platform enables any everyday need or possible problem to be anticipated.

  • Failures detection and problem solving
  • Anomaly alert
  • Supervised access to servers, workstations or peripherals
  • Remote management of servers and computers from the dashboard
  • Reporting on demand of the state of the servers, workstations, etc.
  • Inventory of all the hardware and software components in each supervised server, workstation or peripheral

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