IT Services

Connectis analyses the infrastructure in place and positions itself as a consultant, so it can propose the most appropriate solution and services pack to meet client’s needs. The Connectis employees act at several levels, not only from the diagnosis of the existing assets, to the architecture of the infrastructure and the study of the financing, but also by monitoring the installation in order to accompany the clients in their IT experience as effectively as possible. If a need relates to a particular project, Connectis will model various bespoke services.

Listen & Watch
Connectis analyses the client’s needs and expectations in order to focus on the infrastructure in place
According to the client’s needs, Connectis establishes a diagnosis of the existing infrastructure versus the client needs
Once the diagnosis has been established, Connectis develops the architecture for the target infrastructure
Technological Analysis
Once the target architecture has been validated, Connectis turns to the existing technologies
Competitive benchmarking
In order to keep with the budget constraints, Connectis compares the various supplier offers in order to meet the client’s expectations, in terms of technology and budget alike
Financing Analysis
Connectis accompanies its clients in order to elaborate a financing analysis that suits the financial management for the purpose of deriving the best profit from it
Connectis takes care of the installation and the monitoring of the previously enacted elements
In order to accompany its clients as effectively as possible, Connectis proposes training courses on certain technologies in order to help them to use them
Maintenance & Servicing
Connectis monitors the client’s IT park and manages its maintenance by making proposals that are essential for any company development
Client Follow-up & Support
The Connectis team is at the disposal of its clients for answering their questions and monitoring their infrastructures
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